• Gary E. Mincer

Branding Lessons for Local Businesses

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

I find it interesting to watch the large insurance companies’ branding campaigns. They’re often funny, memorable and most of the time they have a long running consistent theme. There are some key lessons from these for local businesses.

Some campaigns are funny, some off the wall, some use celebrities or music.

Here are 4 quick takeaways for local businesses in their branding efforts

Have a brand:

I often ask advertisers, what is your brand? In other words, what do people associate to your company or feel about your company? One, 1 million dollar local advertiser once told me he didn’t know what their brand was. And that was probably a good answer, because they didn’t really have a brand. Or one that you could remember.

Make it Memorable:

Flo, the Gecko, the Mayhem Man and Peyton Manning singing are easy to remember.

Make your Point:

Along with your brand’s humor, or jingle or celebrity endorsement – what customer pain point does your company solve? What is your EZ button? Think, Geico: “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance”.

Be Consistent:

Don’t change your brand as often as you change your shirt. Flo has been a fixture since 2008. The Gecko arrived in 2000. In other words, stick with your brand; you can develop it or update it- but stick with it.

Don’t change your brand just because you’re having a bad month!

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